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All about Kalanchoe on hi-spring.com

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Kalanchoe is a plant known for many. It is called the tree of life, the room doctor, potted ginseng. This flower is not only decorative but also healing. That is why it is grown in almost every home. There are about two hundred species of flower, but they have medicinal properties. In the indoor environment grow several types: Mixed, kalanchoe Blossfeldiana and Calandiva.


Whatever type you have purchased, Kalanchoe care at home is almost the same for all plant representatives. The flower isn't fussy and undemanding. And, if you follow all the basic rules regarding the care of it, it will delight you with its beauty and incredible flowering.


  • The leaves should not be limp or with the presence of white bloom. Their color must be uniform.

  • Look at the back side for the presence of malicious pests - aphids and scale insects.

  • The flower should have a compact size.

  • There should not be gaps on the stem.

  • Acquire a plant, preferably at the beginning of the winter season, because at this time it begins to bloom. Also, Kalanchoe shouldn't have already withered flowers.

  • The plant is undemanding in care, but there are a number of recommendations, which should adhere to mandatory. Don't forget that Kalanchoe comes from the tropics, and afraid of the cold.


In order to know everything about Kalanchoe home care, you can simply visit https://hi-spring.com/. There you can find all needed information and, of course, to read more about other plants.


What diseases has Kalanchoe?


Here are the most popular Kalanchoe diseases and methods of dealing with them:


Yellowing of the leaves and drying out their tips may be due to lack of lighting. To fix this, move the pot in a bright place or provide additional illumination.


The appearance on the leaves of spots is due to either high density or sunburn. Place the pots at a considerable distance from each other and in a shadow area.


Lack of nutrients may cause cessation of defoliation and flower growth. Transplant it in fertile soil or feed up.


Yellowing of the flower is due to exposure to the plant an excessive amount of sunlight. Pour Kalanchoe, if you notice that it has started to dry or wilt the leaves.


The most common diseases of this flower include gray mold, fitoftoroza rot, powdery mildew, ring spot and stem rot.


A fungal disease characterized by the appearance of brown spots on the branching of shoots, as well as inhibition of growth, called fitoftoroza rot. Excessive watering, high temperature, lack of ventilation, as well as sudden changes in temperature - the main causes of disease. For the treatment use fungicides.


A fairly common disease, accompanied by the appearance of powdery coating on leaves, and their further withering, is called powdery mildew. The disease develops because of the dryness and high temperature.


The appearance of spots on the leaves in the form of rings, as well as inhibition of growth, indicates the ringspot infection. The disease can not be cured. Affected areas are destroyed.


Kalanchoe is a beautiful and useful plant. If you follow all home care rules, it will thank you with lush and long flowering.

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